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Meeting with Italian journalist Eliseo Bertolasi in DPR MFA

09 December 2015
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Yesterday, December 8, 2015, a meeting took place between MFA representatives, People’s Council member, non-governmental union «Young Republic» leader Sergei Kondrykinskiy and Italian journalist, anthropologist Eliseo Bertolasi in DPR MFA.

The event was attended by:

1. DPR First Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Mnukhin.

2. Non-governmental union «Young Republic» leader Sergei Kondrykinskiy.

3. Non-governmental union «Young Republic» international department leader Olesia Prodanova.

4. Non-governmental union «Young Republic» structural development department leader Ilya Lazarev.

5. Non-governmental union «Young Republic» organizational department deputy head Abdu Tamer Khassan.

6. Italian anthropologist, journalist, writer Eliseo Bertolasi.

Meeting was also attended by active members of non-governmental union «Young Republic».

The main topic for discussion was informational manipulation in modern media scene. Non-governmental union «Young Republic» representatives were interested especially in point of view of Mr. Bertolasi as journalist and political writer in Italian media.

Also issues on objectivity of Western media sources about happening in Donbass were touched, Eliseo Bertolasi underlined that the majority of Italian and other European media are biased and intentionally provide society with fake information on happening in the DPR.

On result of the event meeting participants expressed hope on further cooperation in fight for informational blockade breakthrough and sharing the objective information among citizens of Western countries.