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Protest against the Ukrainian president’s war crimes took place in New York

30 September 2015
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Yesterday, September 29, 2015, the protest against the Ukrainian President P. Poroshenko’s war crimes took place in New York.

The majority of New York activists were students and young people who gathered near the Columbian University building with DPR, Novorossia and Russian flags. Partial US citizens with posters and stands called on to send the Ukrainian president to the International Military Tribunal.

Alongside this, protesters expressed a support towards DPR and LPR citizens, demanding stop the war, started by NATO and neo-fascism allies in Ukraine.

It’s worth to stress that such rallies and pickets take place in many states all over the world. Citizens of foreign countries come out the streets to call on the world community to open the eyes at crimes of the Ukrainian government which cause losses among Donbass civilians.