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Documentary film about events in Donbass presented in Paris

23 July 2021
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Yesterday, on July 22, with the informational support of the Russian Embassy in France, the documentary "Donbass" online premiere took place on the official website of the Russian House of Science and Culture in Paris. The film was shot with the production company "Les films de Sacha" assistance. The author of the film is the French director Anne-Laure Bonnel.

In 2015, Ms. Bonnel, a documentary filmmaker, journalist, teacher at the Sorbonne, went to Donbass and became eyewitness of a bloody conflict, which terrible footage is shown in her authorial film.

The director has collected testimonies from people she met during her visit in the Donetsk People's Republic in her work. The author emphasizes that while working on the film, she completely focused on human destinies and the reverse side of the war, leaving the political context behind the scenes.

The "Donbass" film was presented at the "Au cœur des Droits Humains" festival, the International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival.

In addition, at the beginning of June 2021, Ann-Laure Bonnel, as a witness and documentarian of the events in Donbass, took part in the meeting of the UN Security Council according to the Arria formula on the topic “Maidan” and its consequences for Donbass.”  She presented her authorial footage and the documents there.

You can watch the documentary "Donbass", as well as Ms. Bonnel’s comments, following the link.