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In chase of colorful illustrations, the "New York Post" spreads disinformation

31 March 2022
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After incident with the Italian newspaper “La Stampa”, their colleagues from the United States took relay to spread lies and outright disinformation.

In chase of colorful illustrations, the "New York Post" published an article with a title video showing destruction in a residential area of   Kirovsky district in Donetsk. Yesterday, two floors of an apartment building  were demolished there due to a direct hit by a rocket fired from the Uragan multiple rocket launcher system from the Ukrainian-controlled village of Orlovka. Two civilians were killed, five were injured, including two children. One of them, a girl under two years, is in a coma, in a very serious, inoperable condition.

But in the "respected" American edition, video from scene of this terrible shelling is accompanied by the headline "Russia continues bombardment of Ukrainian cities despite peace talk claims." At the same time, shelling of Donetsk is mentioned, but very briefly, without accents and details regarding victims and the direction of shelling.

Thus, it is obvious that this brief paragraph about Donetsk is just a formality, which, according to the publication's authors, should protect them from accusations of disseminating fake information and a one-sided approach to covering events. Nevertheless, editors of the "New York Post" are not at all embarrassed by the fact that the house shown in video is not located on the territory of Ukraine at all, but in the Donetsk People's Republic. And that it is not the Russian military, but the armed formations of Ukraine that are shelling these houses. Just for a month and a half of the escalation in 2022, 70 civilians were killed in the Republic and 857 civilians were injured. However the leading American media did not say a word about this.

And as for who actually uses civilians as a shield and does not disdain to hide in ambulances, we offer you for review a fragment of today's live broadcast, which was recorded by a correspondent of the Al-Jazeera television company in Irpen, a Kiev's suburb controlled by Ukrainian authorities. This video fragment is an excellent confirmation of the simple and immutable truth that in one way or another, what is done by night appears by day.