Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Donetsk People's Republic

Competition of sketches for construction of a monument to the dead children of Donbass is being held in the Republic

13 September 2022
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Decree of the Head of the Donetsk People's Republic of July 11, 2022 No. 375 established that July 27 is the Remembrance Day of the children-victims of war in Donbass.

🖥This year, at a video conference dedicated to this date, Minister of Foreign Affairs Natalia Nikonorova said that the leadership of the Republic had decided to build a memorial monument to the dead children on the Alley of Angels. At the same time, the sketch of this monument will be determined by holding an appropriate competition.

🗓Participants can send their applications and sketches until March 1, 2023. The competition aim is to determine the best conceptual solution for the monument image by creating an expressive architectural and sculptural composition.

Architects, artists, sculptors, designers, as well as other professionals are invited to participate in the competition. The created sketch of the monument must be sent to

Together with the sketch or the project of the monument, the participant sends following informationl:

🔹 full name;
🔹 city of residence;
🔹 date of birth;
🔹contact phone number or other information by which the organizers could contact the participant.

The best of the participants' works will be selected as the design basis for the construction of a monument to the killed children of Donbass.

Details of this competition are set out in the Regulation, which is available at the link.

 (❗️We call on all specialists in the field of design, construction and architecture to respond and take part in this competition - this is the least we can do in order to pay tribute to the smallest victims of the bloody crimes of the Kiev regime.