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In Serbia a petition against the imposition of sanctions against the Russian Federation was launched

11 March 2022
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The Institute of Political Networks in Serbia initiated the signing of a petition against sanctions against Russia. The petition was initiated by people who are aware of the inextricable historical, cultural, religious, political, economic, security and other ties between Serbia and Russia.

The Institute listed many reasons why the state and people of Serbia should support fraternal Russia and refuse to impose sanctions, in particular, protecting the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Serbia, defending its interests at the UN Security Council, economic benefits from cooperation. The Institute also noted that the Russian Federation today is the most important geopolitical, political, secure and economic ally of Serbia and the Serbian people.

The Institute welcomes the determination of the Serbian leadership, headed by President Aleksandar Vučić, not to impose sanctions against the Russian Federation, despite enormous pressure from the collective West and its centers of power.

The Institute considers the petition a purposeful way to point out to the authorities and foreign actors the unacceptability of imposing sanctions against the Russian Federation. Among the signatories were politicians, intellectuals and public figures.