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Rally supporting Donbass people is to take place in Switzerland

19 February 2016
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February, 20 rally is to take place in Zurich, Switzerland against military aggression in Donbass and NATO policy in Europe. Rally is organized by party «Compatriots abroad», Great Homeland and National patriotic movement «Rus without borders».

During the event the organized march is planned along Zurich streets from Helvetiaplatz till Rathausbrücke with flags of DPR/LPR, Novorossia and banners calling for peaceful settlement of the conflict between Kiev and DPR/LPR, cessation of weaponry delivery to Ukraine, NATO policy aggression and peace in the world.

According to organizers, a lot of Europeans still don’t understand the true state of things in Ukraine and in Europe in general. That is why the main aim of rally is to deliver the truth to the ordinary people and prevent misinformation shared by local media.