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Events in support of Donbass are being held in the capital of Germany

18 June 2021
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In Berlin, from June 15 to 24, a course of events "Peace to the children of Donbass" is taking place. It was organized by the "Bridge of Peace - Aid to War Victims" association and its representative Oleg Muzyka.

Within the framework of this course, photos of Donbass children killed as a result of shelling by Ukrainian armed formations were exhibited along Berlin street. Thus, activists from Germany call on the Europe inhabitants to pay attention to the real and truthful side of the events in Donbass, which the Ukrainian authorities, with the Western mainstream media help, try to pervert in a favorable light for them.

According authors’ idea, every day within the course, everyone can have a look at the photos exhibition, but also to take part in various events in order to spread objective and reliable information about the real situation in Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republics. Thus, performance of Anna Tuv, a Gorlovka resident suffered from the AFU shelling, documentaries about Donbass, reports of German political and public representatives about the European view of the situation in Republics are planned.

The event has already been attended by German politicians and activists, in particular, the deputy of the Berlin parliament Gunnar Lindemann and member of the “Alternative for Germany” party Richard Gretzinger.

DPR Ministry of Foreign Affairs expresses its sincere gratitude to Oleg Muzyka and everyone involved in organizing this course of events for the fact that even in the coronavirus pandemic difficult times, like-minded people of the Republic in foreign countries find an opportunity to support the residents of Donbass.

Pictures from the events are presented on the DPR Ministry of Foreign Affairs website.

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