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The twinning agreements were signed between the cities of Crimea and Donbass

23 October 2018
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On October 22, the International Conference “Russian-Ukrainian Relations: Problems and Prospects” took place in Yalta, during which, in particular, twinning agreements were signed between Bakhchysarai and Uglegorsk (DPR), as well as between Yevpatoriya and Sverdlovsk (LPR). The chairman of the Bakhchysarai city council Oleg Daperko, the head of the Uglegorsk city administration Oleg Neledva, as well as the deputy chairman of the Evpatoria city council Sergey Kutnev and the head of the Sverdlovsk city and district administrations Andrey Sukhachev have signed the documents.

In the future, the agreements will serve as a strong foundation for the establishment and development of friendly relations in the field of historical, cultural, patriotic and socio-economic cooperation, as well as contribute to the prosperity in the field of culture, education and youth policy of all parties.

Deputy of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, coordinator of the Russia-Donbass Integration Committee, Andrey Kozenko noted the importance of signing these agreements and clarified that today between cities and towns of Crimea and other subjects of the Russian Federation and the Republics of Donbass at the initiative of the Russia-Donbass Integration Committee more than 30 twinning agreements have been already signed.

“Donbass is, was and will be part of the Russian world - the Russian world, which fears Ukraine so much, that it was forbidden to pronounce its name at the legislative level” - Andrey Kozenko said.

 According to him, the process of concluding agreements began between the schools of Crimea and Donbass, an agreement between Alushta and Krasnodon has already been signed. The following agreement is planned to be signed between Simferopol and Donetsk.