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French delegation’s visit to the DPR

04 December 2015
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December 3, 2015, under the patronage of the DPR Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the French representatives Emmanuel Leroy and Estelle Moser came on private purposes to the Donetsk People’s Republic.

The first day of their visit was dedicated to the meeting with the DPR First Deputy Minister M. Mnukhin, Deputy Minister V. Pichugin, the DPR Head Adviser on Children Rights Ya. Chepikova.

While welcoming the foreign guests, Mikhail Mnukhin stressed the extraordinary importance of the assistance that was provided by representatives of local and foreign charity organizations to the suffered Donbass citizens.

In return Emmanuel Leroy stressed that French officials had non-objective information on happening in the DPR but there were some organizations and private individuals who were aware of true state of things. That is why he decided to come to the young Republic in order to see with his own eyes the real situation in social, medical, foods and other spheres of Donbass people’s lives.

December 4, 2015, French representatives visited Central Republic Bank in order to transfer charity payment to the account of «Centre of Social and Psychological Children’s Rehabilitation». The receipt confirming the payment was solemnly given to the director of this institution T. Sorkina.

Centre pupils prepared a little concert for guests from France. Children sang songs and read poems about war that came to Donbass land in 2014.

Alongside this, the delegation held meetings with charity funds` representatives, working on the DPR territory. In the course of meetings issues on work of such organizations were discussed within difficult war conditions, and prospects of bilateral collaboration between DPR and French charity funds.

On result of French delegation’s visit, a press conference took place attended by:

1. Aleksandr Kofman– the DPR Foreign Minister.

2. Vasiliy Pichugin – the DPR Deputy Foreign Minister.      

3. Emmanuel  Leroy – French representative, political expert.

4. Estelle Moser– French representative, press-assistant.

5. Tatiana Sorkina –«Centre of Social and Psychological Children’s Rehabilitation» director.

6. Laurent Brayard– French journalist, political writer.

A. Kofman stressed the courage and bravery of French representatives, who were not afraid of coming to Donbass and see with their own eyes the Ukrainian army’s crimes. Minister thanked guests and expressed hope that with joint efforts the informational veil that prevents spreading true information in France would be broken.

Summing up the results of a trip, Emmanuel Leroy empathized that his main aim was the establishment of regular financial support for those children who had suffered most of all during the war. He turned attention to the fact in France despite the official anti-Russian propaganda there are a big number of the DPR associates, who are ready to help and support the Republic citizens.

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