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The expression "polite people" is perfect for describtion of the communication style of the Russian Armed Forces with Ukraine’s

08 April 2022
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Natalia Nikonorova answered the question of journalists about the attitude of Ukrainian inhabitants towards the Russian military present during the special operation:

“On the territory of Ukraine, where the Russian military entered during the special operation, I was personally on a humanitarian mission. This mission was in great demand: all the Ukrainian local authorities abandoned people, the population of these regions turned out to be face-to-face with situation. No one bothered either about the evacuation or food security of these people.

Accordingly, it was necessary to provide assistance. I personally saw the attitude of both the Russian Armed Forces and everyone who visited this territory on behalf of the Russian Federation. The expression "polite people" is perfect to describe their communication style with the locals.

Therefore, it is unimaginable that the fake spread by Ukrainian authorities on events in Bucha has any relation to reality. Moreover, it was already completely exposed and debunked.