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Donetsk People's Republic

Zakharchenko announced collecting signatures for a petition in SC UN on a sabotage of "Minsk-2" by Kiev

01 June 2016
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Statement of the DPR Head Alexandr Zakharchenko concerning the start of collecting signatures for a petition on Ukraine failure of the UN Security Council resolution of 02.17.2015 "On approval of the Package of Measures for the implementation of the Minsk agreements":

"On 17 February 2015, the UN Security Council unanimously adopted a resolution on Ukraine in support of the Minsk agreements and the Package of Measures. Since then, the Package of Measures has become an international legal instrument which is obligatory to all members of the international law.

The resolution, inter alia, states that all parties of the Ukrainian conflict must fully implement the Minsk agreements. The document also stresses that the conflict can be resolved only in a peaceful way.

It has been half of a year since the moment of the Package of Measures signing in Minsk but Ukraine has still not commenced the implementation of its positions.

Instead, Kiev engaged in imitating of real steps and delaying the process of a peaceful settlement under false pretexts. Ukraine has not accomplished even the first paragraphs of the Package of Measures which precede a political settlement:

- Kiev does not comply a ceasefire regime and continues shelling of our cities. Including heavy weapons which contradicts paragraph 2 of the Package of Measures;

- amnesty, stated in paragraph 5 of the Package of Measures, is not adopted;

- Ukrainian side simulates process of releasing and exchanging hostages based on the principle "all for all", which is prescribed by paragraph 6 of the Package of Measures. Ukraine tries to exchange its militaries who were captured with weapons in hand for people seized by the Security Service of Ukraine  on frivolous occasions which often have nothing in common with the conflict. Besides, our comrades and thousands of political prisoners remain in Ukrainian prisons.

Minsk agreements include commitments of the parties, foremost of Kiev, and we continue stating that Kiev authorities are absolutely unready and reluctant in following those obligations which are signed by the head of Ukraine.

On this background, the West is beginning to realize that such tactic of Ukraine is a sabotage of the Minsk agreements, and that today peace in Donbas is advantageous to all except Kiev.

The Donbass society initiates an appeal to the international organizations in order to stop the genocide of Donbass folks from the Ukrainian authorities and cease a retributive operation, called "ATO".

We begin the process of collecting signatures to show the world that millions of our fellow citizens are waiting for peace, for ending of that nightmare which Kiev has been keeping on for two years. Together we can prove that the truth belongs to Donbass people.

Thereafter, no country can be silent and turn a blind eye to outrage occurring in our land. And no propagandistic machine will be able to resist us.

Nobody has put Donbass on its knees and no one can ever do!

God is not in a force but in the truth!".