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Deputy Foreign Minister visited Festival «We are young, we are equal»

09 October 2015
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Today, October 9, 2015, the DPR Deputy Foreign Minister Olga Parfinenko visited XV anniversary Festival of children and youth art «We are young, we are equal» in Kirovskoye city, the DPR.

The main aims of the Fest were:

• assistance to the creative growth of all genres performers;

• acquaintance of wide range of spectators with multicolored palette of children’s and youth art with special needs;

• attention engaging to the problems of children and youth with special needs.

The participation in the Festival was taken by the children and youth with special needs (disabled people) aged 6 up to 35 and talented children. The big advantage of the Festival was the fact that physical disability of the participants was not announced. Sometimes the spectators didn’t understand that the performance was made by disabled person.

Festival covers the following genres:

• visual art;

• arts and crafts;

• poetry;

• instrumental art;

• vocal;

• choreography;

• theatre of fashion;

• heroic-patriotic direction (covers all existed genres of art).

The DPR Deputy Foreign Minister in her opening speech stressed the significance and necessity of this event. According to her, today, when our Republic only starts getting up on its feet, this period is the hardest namely for disabled people. That is why the goal of the state is to create such life conditions so that disabled people wouldn’t feel deprived. At the end of her meeting Olga Parfinenko expressed a special gratitude towards Festival organizers and wished all present people peace, goodness and prosperity.