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The DPR Deputy Foreign Minister visited Staromikhailovka comprehensive school

08 September 2015
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Today, September 8, 2015, the DPR Deputy Foreign Minister O. Parfinenko visited Staromikhailovka`s comprehensive school together with co-chairman of «People’s Front of Novorossia» V. Zolotnjuk, public activist A. Muravkova, secretary of non-governmental organization «Young Republic», Marjinka department D. Lastovenko and chairman of Staromikhailovka area Veteran’s Soviet Nikolai Gladchenko. Their visit was dedicated to the liberation of the Donbass region from Nazi occupation Day.

Visit started with flower laying to the bed of honor of fallen soldiers in Great Patriotic War. After flower laying, the guests held Lesson of courage.

Staromikhailovka`s comprehensive school is located almost on the front line. That is why all 150 pupils, studying there, know first hand what the war is.

At the Lesson of courage, dedicated to the liberation of the Donbass region from Nazi occupation Day, guests during their speech drew the parallel between war 1941-1941 and this one, taking place nowadays in Donbass. Much was said about courage and heroism of Soviet soldiers, the DPR Army soldiers` devotion to Motherland.

In their turn, children told guests poems, dedicated to the Great Patriotic War, sang patriotic songs and commemorated heroes by silence minute.

At the end of the event, children expressed hope that Donetsk-land warriors would repeat the feat of the heroic ancestors and long-expected peace would come in Donbass.

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