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The citizens of Sevastopol have sent the 30 tons of humanitarian aid to Donbass villages

10 January 2015
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Moscow, January 10, - RIA Novosti
Sevastopol citizens have sent the 30 tons of the humanitarian aid including foods, clothes and household chemicals, Donetsk news agency reporting today.

«There are 2275 boxes, total weight 30 tons. The humanitarian cargo was loaded in the 2 trucks and sent on route Sevastopol – Kerch – «Caucasus» port – Rostov-on-Don – Donbass», said Pavel Butsay – one of the action organizers. 

He has informed that the aim of the action is to help citizens of small cities and settlements to receive the humanitarian help.

«We have a strong intention to deliver the humanitarian aid to small villages, settlements where people have the worst conditions of life now. We already have applications and people will get the humanitarian help by themselves», - said the action organizer.