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Donetsk People's Republic

Residents of foreign states joined the “Angels” memory campaign

02 June 2020
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Yesterday, on June 1, a memory campaign “Angels” was held not only in the Donetsk People's Republic, but also in many foreign countries.

This campaign, initiated by the “Young Republic” public organization and dedicated to the International Children's Day, has already become traditional - for the fourth year, lanterns and balloons are launched into the sky in memory of the innocent children of Donbass. Our foreign like-minded people annually take part in this event, expressing solidarity with the Republics’ residents.

So, this year residents of 13 foreign cities joined the campaign: Paris and Reims (France), Berlin (Germany), Rome, Verona, Turin, Messina (Italy), Athens (Greece), Novi Sad (Serbia), Riga (Latvia), Dendermonde (Belgium), Bratislava (Slovakia), Nashville (USA).

It is especially valuable that DPR foreign friends supported the “Angels” campaign this year, despite the difficulties associated with the epidemiological situation. We are grateful to all residents of the Republic, to all our like-minded people, including representatives of foreign countries, for carefully cherishing the memory of the youngest conflict victims. Together we will make every effort to ensure that those guilty of crimes committed against the people of Donbass are punished for what they have done.

Photos and videos of the campaign in foreign countries are published on the website of the DPR Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the section “About the DPR abroad”.