Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Donetsk People's Republic

DPR MFA Head’s comment on the sitting of a group on political issues in Minsk (April 19-20)

24 April 2016

19-20 April 2016 the talks took place in Minsk of the Contact groups on the conflict settlement in Donbass. The sitting of a group on political issues was attended by the Head of the DPR Foreign Ministry Natalya Nikonorova as the representative of the Republic.

 All day, 19 April, was devoted to the bilateral meetings with the OSCE, each part suggested its own amendments and addenda to the working paper on the modality of elections. Also the meeting took place between the representatives of the Russian Federation and the OSCE.

20 April, the brief discussion took place of the working paper having regard to the position of the parts. The principal discrepancies remain on the principal issues.

The Ukrainian side continues practicing the delay of negotiation process by means of introducing details, the order of implementing which is impossible from its point of view.

The issue of the police Mission of the OSCE wasn’t discussed at the meeting of political group.

At the next meeting that is to take place in the video format the roadmap is to be discussed among other issues. We believe that it will help the group’s work as the order of implementing the Package of Measures is unchanged, and the topics under discussion within the group’s work should correspond this order.