Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Donetsk People's Republic

The DPR MFA Head about the group’s sitting on political issues (28-29 June)

29 June 2016

28-29 June 2016 the sitting took place of a political group on the conflict settlement in Donbass. The negotiations were attended by the DPR Acting Foreign Minister Natalya Nikonorova. 

"Yesterday, 28 June, the sitting took place of a group on political issues where questions were discussed on the amnesty and the road map. Today the review of a road map continued as almost all points of it are the modalities of the elections. Apart from that during the discussion of this document it was revealed that the understanding of a meaning of the local elections by the current representatives of Ukraine is cardinally controversial from that pointed in the Package of Measures.

We consider the election process to be one of the steps of the peaceful settlement, Ukraine sees the goal in itself and it doesn’t associate it with the other points of the Package of Measures. As for instance, today the Ukrainian representatives stated that it’s possible to hold the elections without cancellation of ATO regime, transport and economic blockade and without resumption of all rights of the Donbass citizens. This is strongly unacceptable position that violates all international standards.

The elections are impossible without the resumption of our rights and adoption of all preceding political decisions pointed in the Package of Measures ", - Natalya Nikonorova about the results of a group’s sitting on political issues.

Next group’s sitting is to take place on July 12-13.