Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Donetsk People's Republic

Results of the sitting of the group on political issues (March 13)

14 March 2019
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At today's meeting of the political group, representatives of Ukraine made many frankly provocative statements and comments. Apparently, the purpose of this rhetoric was to once again avoid discussing the first and most priority issue of the three items on the agenda - agreeing on a compromise procedure for the entry into force of the law on Donbass special status. At the same time, this agenda was approved and indicated as official in the letters from the OSCE to the negotiation process participants.

Due to Kiev's refusal to discuss the Steinmeier's formula, OSCE coordinator was invited to go to the second item on the agenda – the amnesty implementation, with the aim of finding a way out of negotiating impasse in a political group. The coordinator presented a working paper on this issue and invited the parties to provide their views on it. The republics were ready to start the discussion, but the representatives of Ukraine were not ready to provide an official answer on this issue.

The DPR envoy reiterated that by sabotaging the negotiation process, Kiev clearly demonstrates its disrespectful attitude to Minsk process and the efforts of its participants and mediators. Therefore, the main condition for political settlement is a direct and effective dialogue between Kiev and Donbass on the most priority and approved issues on the agenda.