Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Donetsk People's Republic

Results of the sitting of the group on political issues (April 24)

24 April 2019
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Today’s sitting of the political group, the first after presidential elections in Ukraine, has not yet brought a change to the rhetoric of Kiev representatives.

The fundamental incompetence of the Ukrainian party led to a long crisis in the negotiation process, which hostages are civilians in Donbass on both sides of the contact line.

Resolving of this situation is in the realization by Kiev of the necessity and inevitability of a substantive discussion of the main agenda issues - the enactment of the law on Donbass special status and the amnesty implementation.

The recognition of non-alternatives to Minsk agreements inspires some hope for the beginning of a constructive stage in the Minsk negotiating process.

At the same time, the present team of Ukrainian negotiators continues to sabotage a constructive dialogue with the other party - the Republics, trying to discuss the issues not related to the Minsk agreements.

The Ukrainian party needs to understand that the longer they sabotage a direct dialogue with the Republics, the more partition wall between Kiev and Donbass.

The DPR Plenipotentiary in the Contact Group emphasized the importance of unblocking the work of a political group as soon as possible, without any changes in which it is impossible to talk about a long-term conflict resolving.