Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Donetsk People's Republic

The results of the group on political issues (October 15)

15 October 2019
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Despite the success achieved at the last meeting of the Contact group, the pace of this progress has not been maintained on the political track today. 

Kiev negotiators are finding new ways to level any progress. Attempts to substitute the essence of the reached agreements have become a bad tradition of Kiev's regularly changing representatives in the political group. First of all, today there was an attempt to substitute the concept of decentralization for the special status of Donbass and its consolidation in the Constitution. We consider this unfair approach of the Ukrainian side unacceptable and will insist on a clear and literal implementation of the document approved by the UN Security Council - the Set of measures.  

Saving lives and restoring peace and order in Donbass is the primary goal of the Minsk process and the Ukrainian side should be aware that only the special status of Donbass, duly enshrined at the constitutional level is the only way to a lasting peaceful settlement of the conflict.