Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Donetsk People's Republic

The results of the group on political issues (January 29)

29 January 2020
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At this sitting of political group, the Republic’s representatives had to face a lack of understanding by the Ukrainian party of the importance of fulfilling the political points clearly in the order and in the way that they are enshrined in the Package of Measures.

“In the days preceding the meeting in Minsk and at the meeting, we hear from the Ukrainian negotiators some amateurish interpretations of the Package of Measures, as well as calls to change its sequence. They are trying to convince us that the Minsk agreements are supposedly unfeasible in their current form, and therefore some corrections should be made to them that are of course beneficial to Kiev. However, all such statements are completely absurd and nothing but the desire of the Ukraine’s leadership to sabotage their obligations under the Package of Measures”- Natalia Nikonorova noted.

The DPR Plenipotentiary called on representatives of Ukraine not to waste time on destructive activities, but instead focus on the substantive implementation of the current political agenda of the Minsk process:

“Once again, I draw attention to the fact that now within the framework of the Minsk platform it is very important to finally begin to carry out those assignments and obligations that were secured by the final communiqué of the heads of the Normandy Four countries, namely, to begin a constructive discussion on all legal aspects of Donbass special status. The foundation of this work should be the elaboration and coordination with us of all necessary amendments to the law on Donbass special status, while at the same time it is necessary to work on the coordination of the resulting laws, by-laws and agreements, and necessarily on the most important parameter - amendments to the Constitution, which will prescribe all designated above aspects of special status.”