Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Donetsk People's Republic

The results of the group on political issues (June 10)

10 June 2020
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Today’s negotiations on the implementation of the political bloc of the Package of Measures has not led to significant progress - Kiev only further complicates the already rather complicated course of a peaceful settlement.
 “We can only welcome the fact that the Ukrainian side decided on the de facto implementation of the idea of consultations with members of the public (Advisory Council), the decision on which was prescribed following the Contact Group meeting on March 11, signed by the plenipotentiaries of Ukraine, the Republics and intermediaries OSCE and the Russian Federation. This could be the beginning of a direct public dialogue between the two conflict parties. However, the current status of persons attracted by Kiev, their reputation and the ability to realistically and honestly represent the interests of any society raises serious doubts, so their involvement in the negotiations in Minsk provoked a negative even among the Ukrainian public. We believe that these people should be selected in the course of wide discussion and direct dialogue, and at the same time they should comprehensively represent society and its various social groups and categories. Those people who attended the meeting today were called as “members of the Ukrainian delegation to advise Ukrainian representatives” - Natalia Nikonorova said.
Regarding the progress within the framework of the approved political agenda, it should be noted that Ukraine submitted for consideration by the Contact Group its reaction to the document that we proposed at the last meeting on May 27.
“We received the first document in the history of the work of a political group - the reaction of Ukraine’s representatives to our proposed act on amendments to the law on Donbass special status. We have already familiarized ourselves with this project and sent our response comments on it.
Nevertheless, this document sent by Kiev has little in common with those provisions that really need to be included in the law on Donbass special status. This is, in fact, a formal paper, which refers only to the mechanical insertion into one of the articles of this law of the text of the Steinmeier’s formula, without amending and consequential amendments to the remaining law articles. At the same time, we recall once again that in addition to amending the law on special status on the procedure for its entry into force, it is necessary to work out and coordinate in the Contact Group the whole range of legal aspects of Donbass special status, including its permanent constitutional consolidation, as it is prescribed in the Package of Measures and communiqué following the meeting of the heads of the “Normandy Four countries” - Natalia Nikonorova added.