Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Donetsk People's Republic

The results of the group on political issues (September 15)

15 September 2021
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During the discussion of political issues at the Contact group sitting, Ukrainian representatives suddenly proposed to write down that Ukraine had fulfilled all political instructions following the results of the 2019 Paris Summit and then to remove these items from the agenda of the political group.

We were extremely surprised by such a proposal from Kiev, since in fact the situation is exactly the opposite: Ukraine did not fulfill anything from the final instructions of the Normandy Four leaders after the meeting in December 2019. At the same time, the cynicism with which Mr. Reznikov argued for his strange proposal is outraged: he simply ignored the instruction’s part that concerns coordination with Republics’ representatives of all legal aspects of Donbass special status to ensure its action on an ongoing basis, as it prescribed in the Package of measures.

Moreover according to Mr. Reznikov no Action Plans, Roadmaps and other “invented entities” are needed. It means that for the Ukrainian representative, an urgent assignment of the Contact group to work on the Roadmap is an empty phrase, and this was practically stated openly. There is another remarkable point: the Ukrainian negotiators at today's meeting proposed to confirm the already initialed Steinmeier’s formula so that the Verkhovna Rada could include it in the text of the law. However, earlier they regularly expressed that the Contact group allegedly has no right to give instructions to the Ukrainian parliament and that is why the Ukrainian representatives did nothing for the adoption by the Verkhovna Rada of the normative legal acts provided for by the Package of measures. 11 months ago, we proposed an absolutely logical and expedient solution to this, in essence, contrived problem of Kiev: after agreeing on the Roadmap in the Contact group, this document should be adopted at the level of the parliament and the president of Ukraine, which, accordingly, will confirm the commitment of the Ukrainian legislative and executive authorities to their obligations under the Minsk agreements and will facilitate the work on the implementation of these agreements for Ukrainian negotiators” - DPR Plenipotentiary stated.

However, according to Kiev's reaction to this remark, it was clear that no work on the implementation of the Minsk agreements was clearly included in the plans of Mr. Reznikov and his team. It is more interesting for them to make caustic comments to the representatives of the Republics, to read edifying sermons on how to work on the Minsk platform - but at the same time not to take a single step towards a political settlement.

“As a result, we have the following situation: the Ukrainian representative said a lot today, but nothing in essence. The position of Kiev on political issues is still kept secret from us, there is still no real progress, and all the loud statements of Ukrainian representatives are just a poker face during a bad game" - concluded Natalia Nikonorova.