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Donetsk People's Republic

The results of the group on political issues (December 16)

16 December 2020
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This year's final meeting of the Contact group regarding political issues did not bring any positive changes and once again showed Kiev's destructive approach to a political settlement.

“The Ukrainian side has not been able to provide its comments on our Roadmap version, sent back on October 9, 2020, for more than two months. At the same time, it is simply impossible to accept for discussion the draft that was submitted by Ukraine: as we have already noted many times, this paper contradicts the Minsk agreements by almost 80%. In this regard, we again voiced a proposal on how to get out of this situation: given the absence of any comments and objections, to accept our draft Roadmap and start implementing it.

However, unfortunately, the OSCE coordinators voiced a rather vague position on this issue – the need to discuss other paragraphs if we do not agree on these. The question arises: how can we eliminate the disagreements, if we have not even decided what exactly they are, since Kiev refuses to consider our written proposals.

This behavior on the part of the OSCE coordinators causes us great concern and bewilderment, since it is obvious that the status of a mediator obliges not to interfere with the communication of the parties, and even more so not to take the position of any side, but to promote the dialogue as much as possible, "said Natalia Nikonorova.

In the current situation, the call from the head of the Ukrainian delegation to “stop the fruitless conversation” sounded especially cynical. Let us remind the Ukrainian representatives that talks about a political settlement in recent months have remained fruitless solely because of the absolutely unproductive position of Kiev, which has done absolutely nothing to give constructive work on the political track.

We do not still know on what conditions Kiev plans to implement a comprehensive political settlement. The Ukrainian delegation even refuses to voice these parameters, putting forward additional conditions. Under these circumstances, constructive dialogue is out of the question.

If our counterparts insist on this logic, the Republics have every right to take symmetrical steps: to offer the Ukrainian side to disarm, move away from the contact line, withdraw all foreign troops and mercenaries, and then, perhaps, we will voice how we want to coexist with Kiev. However, whether this will contribute to the conflict settlement is a rhetorical question. Unfortunately, it is the issue, with which the negotiation year ends, instead of the implementation of the Package of measures and of the results of the leaders' summit.