Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Donetsk People's Republic

The results of the group on political issues (March 17)

17 March 2021
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Representatives of Ukraine at the Minsk platform are ready to do anything just not to discuss uncomfortable for them issues. Therefore, they decided to speak with us in the language of ultimatums and stated that they would join the videoconference of the Contact group only if public representatives, in particular those against whom the Ukrainian court had passed a verdict on politicized charges in the alleged creation of a terrorist organization, did not participate in the meeting. At the same time, there was no answer to the question of what terrorist organization the public activist had created. Everything is clear: such organization do not exist. We can qualify these incidents as a direct violation of the Package of Measures, which enshrines a guarantee of non-persecution and discrimination against persons participating in Donbass events. Instead, Ukraine passes judgments on these persons and tries to interfere in the affairs of the Republic in order to influence the delegation composition at the Minsk platform. Kiev mistakenly believes that by instituting criminal cases it is possible to remove from the process participants who are disliked by the Ukrainian party.

As a result, despite our calls to start constructive work on the political track, the Kiev delegation demonstratively left the Contact group meeting. We understand the reason of such an openly provocative behavior of Ukraine. At today's meeting of the Contact group, the OSCE coordinator Ambassador Morel intended to officially inform about the disruption of the political group work by the Ukrainian delegation yesterday, which he announced in a letter sent out the day before to all participants. Obviously, Ukraine in such a simple way tried to deprive Ambassador Morel of the opportunity to speak about Kiev's unacceptable behavior during the negotiations.

However, the representatives of Ukraine should not expect that their tricks will help to avoid disclosing the truth about their unscrupulous methods at Minsk platform. On the contrary, each such deliberate disruption of the negotiations makes the following fact more and more obvious: instead of real constructive work on the Roadmap for the implementation of the Package of Measures and other issues for a comprehensive political settlement, Ukraine continues openly sabotage and complicate the negotiation process.