Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Donetsk People's Republic

The results of the group on political issues (May 19)

19 May 2021
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Discussion of political issues today did not lead to positive results: the Ukrainian party continues to sabotage all our attempts to establish productive activities.

“Yesterday the official meeting of the political group did not take place because the representatives of Ukraine expressed their refusal to hold full-fledged meetings of the working group until the republics withdraw from the participants in the negotiations or until they join the delegation of the Russian Federation. It is interesting that today at the meeting of the Contact Group, Mr. Reznikov tried to convince us that his colleague Mr. Merezhko did not voice anything like this, that we misunderstood his statements. In response, we simply gave him a fact confirming Ukraine's refusal to hold full-fledged meetings: to the question of the OSCE coordinator about whether the negotiators were ready to resume a full-fledged format of meetings within the working group, the answer was “yes” both from the Republics and from the mediator in the person of Russia. Ukraine did not answer this question.

Nevertheless, we are ready to agree that, as Mr. Reznikov tried to assure us today, we have misinterpreted the refusal of the Ukrainian side to resume full-fledged meetings and begin a dialogue with us to agree on a Roadmap for resolving the conflict in accordance with the Minsk agreements. In this case, we perceive such assurances of the Ukrainian negotiators as an acknowledgment of the need and consolidation of the obligation in the near future to finally provide us with responses to the Roadmap, which Kiev has not been able to send for more than 8 months” - said Natalia Nikonorova.

For real progress in work on political issues and, first of all, on the Roadmap, full-fledged, formal meetings of the relevant working group are required. But Ukraine has chosen the path of deliberately ignoring any of our substantive proposals, which clearly and eloquently indicates who is actually responsible for the sabotage and low efficiency of the Minsk process.