Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Donetsk People's Republic

The results of sitting of the group on political issues (September 19)

19 September 2018

The forthcoming expiration of the law on the special status of Donbass on October 11, 2018 is a particular danger in the political direction of a peaceful settlement. In case of Kiev's refusal to extend the validity of this law, it will cease to be in force, and subsequently the implementation of its essential provisions, including Steinmeier's formula, will become impossible.
Taking this into account, the refusal of the Ukrainian party to discuss the issues of prolongation and the implementation of Donbass special status, as well as the issue of amnesty, means an extremely negative trend and consequences, both for the implementation of the Minsk Agreements and, in general, for the restoration of peace in our territory. This was the main issue for discussion in the Contact Group.
However, we must admit that the representatives of the Ukrainian delegation, instead of constructive work on the substance of the issues under discussion, have continued the tactic of attempts to introduce topics completely far from the agenda.
For example, the Ukrainian party could not ignore the upcoming elections (on November 11) in the Republics. In this regard, the plenipotentiary Natalia Nikonorova stressed that the announced elections of the leaders and parliaments of the Republics do not concern the Minsk Agreements and do not contradict them in any way, since they are not local.
"Any attempts to condemn the announced elections are especially cynical, since the urgent need for them arose in connection with the murder of the signatory of the agreements DPR Head Alexander Zakharchenko, and there are direct evidence of involvement of Ukrainian special services in this."
We would like to believe that for the remaining three weeks before the expiry of the law, the representatives of Ukraine will begin to treat their obligations in good faith, and the law on special status will not only be prolonged, but also coordinated with us the mechanism for its full-scale entry into force on a permanent basis in accordance with the compromise formula proposed by Mr. Steinmeier.
At a sitting of the subgroup on political issues, the Donetsk People’s Republic was represented by Natalia Mikhailova, representative of the DPR Ministry of Foreign Affairs.