Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Donetsk People's Republic


24 November 2021
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Today's meeting of the Contact Group began with a report by the OSCE coordinator in the political group, Ms. Bermann, who noted that there is no constructiveness in the negotiation process due to the lack of "goodwill and flexibility."

“We agree with this conclusion of the coordinator, but we would like the OSCE representatives to specify in their reports which side does not demonstrate such goodwill and flexibility. At yesterday's meeting of the working group, the Ukrainian delegation refused to discuss our draft Roadmap, by the way, already the second in succession, referring to the fact that Kiev is ready to consider and work only on the draft of this document, which will be sent by the Russian Federation. However, such an approach is not only devoid of practical sense, but also contradicts both the Minsk Agreements and the very essence of peace negotiations. They exist primarily with the aim of establishing a direct, diplomatic and effective dialogue between the parties of the appeared confrontation, namely Kiev and the Republics " , - said the Plenipotentiary of the DPR.

Today, the representative of Ukraine went even further and announced that Kiev wants to refuse of working on the Roadmap, despite the direct and unanimously agreed order of the Contact Group, in order to return to the discussion on the law on the special status of Donbass. Mr. Kostin either through ignorance or deliberately overlooked the fact that 113 sessions were devoted to the draft law and that the discussion did not lead to any result. Moreover, it is solely through the fault of the Ukrainian authorities. Then they stated that their representatives on the Minsk platform did not have any powers to fix such agreements and that the approval of the Verkhovna Rada is necessary. Then the Ukrainian parliament itself, over several years of the Minsk process, adopted a number of fundamentally contrary to the Minsk agreements normative legal acts, which blocked any opportunity to continue fruitful work with the Republics in the political group on the draft law. Due to these events our proposal was appeared, and then the order of the Contact Group to create a Roadmap, which, if agreed by the parties and approved by our and Ukrainian parliaments, will bring the situation in the settlement out of the deadlock. Therefore, to refuse such an order simply because Kiev no longer wants to fulfill it is at least strange and fundamentally unproductive.

“As another step to help unblock the current situation, the mediator of Russia offered a compromise proposal: to take from the versions of the Roadmap of the Republics and Ukraine those points that relate to the parameters of a special status in Donbass, work out and agree on them at the next meeting of the political group. And then to start working on the draft law on the basis of these already agreed parameters. But even such a proposal, absolutely sound and taking into account the positions of both sides, was rejected by the Ukrainian delegates, without even trying to show the slightest interest in taking real steps to break the deadlock. Obviously, they only wanted an imitation of real work.

The behavior of not only Kiev, but also the OSCE, whose representatives have not expressed any position or assessment on the open sabotage by Ukraine of all efforts to return the negotiations to a constructive track, causes bewilderment.

We state with regret that the negotiation process is now moving in a vicious circle, and all our attempts to break it are crushed by the cynical indifference to the fate of the political settlement on the part of the Ukrainian negotiators with the connivance of the OSCE coordinators, " Natalia Nikonorova concluded.