Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Donetsk People's Republic

The results of the group on political issues (November 25)

25 November 2020
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At the center of today's negotiations of the Contact Group on the political track was the Roadmap for the implementation of the Package of measures, which the Republics sent on October 9, but the Ukrainian party has not yet provided us with an answer.
“At the moment, the situation with the document that could help revitalize the negotiation process, namely the draft Roadmap (Action Plan) proposed by the Republics, clearly demonstrates Kiev's complete lack of intention to revitalize this negotiations. The facts are following: the Republics sent their draft Roadmap back on October 9, and then for a whole month they were waiting for the response draft from the Ukrainian party. Only on November 11,Kiev submitted its version to the Contact Group. However, after reviewing this paper, it turned out that the Ukrainian project was intended not to implement the Minsk agreements, as the representatives of Kiev stated, but to rewrite them. This draft contains 51 paragraphs, of which 40 contradict the Minsk Agreements - i.e. 78% of this document grossly violate the Package of Measures. And another of them contradict to each other,” - Natalia Nikonorova noted.
The Republics sent their detailed comments in response to this paper literally the next day after the draft from Ukraine was received. However, comments from Kiev on the our draft have not yet been received.
“We understand the current situation as follows: if Kiev is silent, without providing comments on our project, then this silence can be interpreted as agreement with our Roadmap. And given the fact that the Kiev project contradicts the Minsk agreements, so we should take the Republics’ draft Roadmap as a basis and start its implementation,” - the DPR Plenipotentiary stressed.
In response to this proposal, the head of the Ukrainian delegation was unable to answer anything intelligible, except for statements that at the moment there is only one, Ukrainian, version of the Action Plan, and the representatives of Ukraine are not ready to consider all other documents. They wait for the draft from the Russian Federation, but the Republics’ project for Ukraine does not exist.
“If such a statement is the official position of Kiev, then it can be qualified as Ukraine's refusal to follow the Minsk agreements, since they stipulate that the conflict settlement should be carried out in dialogue and coordination between the two parties - Kiev and Donbass, which means that it is unacceptable to simply ignore those documents that the Republics send through the Contact Group. Thus, we expect from the Ukrainian representatives a written position on this issue and remind that the future of the entire Minsk process depends on it,” - Natalia Nikonorova said.