Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Donetsk People's Republic

The results of the group on political issues (July 7)

08 July 2021
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Today, representatives of Ukraine have increased their destructiveness level and demonstrate complete absence of even a minimal desire to implement the political block of the Minsk agreements.

“Mr. Merezhko, who today represented Ukraine in the Contact Group, has demonstrated that Kiev's approach to negotiations is becoming more and more absurd and far from productive results. Thus, Ukraine tried to talk about the conflict parties and also complained that it is necessary to confirm the credentials of the delegates. Let us refresh the memory of the Ukrainian negotiators: the discussion about the parties to the conflict ended at the moment of signing the Package of measures, which contains a clear answer to this question. As for the powers, let us recall that Ukrainian side constantly speak about a lack of authority to sign documents at the Contact Group, to submit drafts of normative legal acts, to comply in full with all items of the Package of Measures. Therefore, the powers need to be confirmed by Ukraine, not by the Republics.

Moreover, the Ukrainian delegates allow themselves to avoid answering not only our questions, but also the questions of OSCE representatives. In particular, Mr. Merezhko openly ignored the direct question of Mrs. Grau about whether Ukraine is ready to discuss the options proposed by the Republics to unblock the political group work.

In fact, today Ukraine has refused any dialogue with anyone. Based on the above, we assume that Ukraine prepares the scenario announced by President Zelensky to isolate itself from Donbass. Not for nothing we have recently heard loud and frankly aggressive statements from the Ukrainian leadership about the wall, about "Donbass as a cancer", about the comparison Republics with ghettos and concentration camps.

Ukrainian representatives are not going to refute our assumptions. Mr. Merezhko did not answer the question we asked twice on this topic. However we are ready for any development of events. But we strongly recommend Kiev not to forget that the Ukrainian state has a number of commitments to the Republics’ population within the framework of the Minsk agreements, and that it will not be able to simply “leave them, fenced off with a wall” - Natalia Nikonorova noted.