Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Donetsk People's Republic


09 February 2022
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At today's meeting of the Contact Group, the OSCE coordinator called yesterday's meeting of the political group "constructive", but we do not really understand what exactly Ms. Berman meant by using such an epithet.

“Today, together with the representative of the Lugansk People’s Republic, at least 10 times we asked the Ukrainian delegate the same question: will Ukraine provide its written reaction to our proposals on the special status parameters, as well as on the rest of our draft Roadmap points, as promised by the representative of Ukraine at the recent meeting of political advisers of the Normandy Four countries, and if so, when? But Kiev’s negotiator could not give a clear answer to this simple question” - DPR Plenipotentiary stated.

Also, there was no clear understanding as to when the Roadmap version will be sent by Ukraine.

“Instead of giving clear answers to our simple questions, Mr. Kostin preferred to start thinking about the fact that each participant in the negotiations supposedly has the right to independently choose the format for providing responses. Kiev, as we understand it, prefers an oral rather than a written format.

The inconsistency and insufficiency of exclusively verbal interaction between the negotiators is proved by the fact that we have been predominantly “interacting orally” for 7 years of the Minsk process, but this format does not bring any effective results. Over all these years, we have repeatedly observed a change of negotiators from Ukraine, a radical change in the oral positions of one and the same representative, and even a refusal to fulfill written agreements - of course, we have no confidence in the Ukrainian delegates and their unfounded promises” - Natalia Nikonorova concluded.