Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Donetsk People's Republic

Results of the group on political issues (June 9)

09 June 2021
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Discussion of political issues within the framework of today's meeting of the Contact Group did not lead to the slightest progress.

“Today even the OSCE coordinator began his report with the words “a meeting of a political group is a total disappointment”, and ended it with the words “in general, the situation is gloomy”. We completely agree with this conclusion, since Kiev not only shows any desire to unblock work on the political track, but also introduces new initiatives designed to further complicate the Contact Group activities.

This is the only way we can classify the news announced yesterday at the meeting of the working group about some Ukrainian secret materials regarding the draft Roadmap sent to the OSCE. Ukrainian side for some reason hides their content. We consider this position absurd, since the whole essence of the Minsk agreements is to resolve the conflict through a direct, transparent and productive dialogue between its parties. And just for the effective implementation of such a dialogue, Kiev should not engage in classifying its documents, but, on the contrary, do everything possible to ensure the most open and transparent discussion.

However, if the Ukrainian authorities are in solidarity with the thesis voiced in one of Mr. Kravchuk's interviews that Donbass is “a cancerous tumor that needs to be cut off”, then we suggest Kiev to to officially recognize our independence, sovereignty and legal personality, and , therefore, to abandon all claims on Donbass"- DPR Plenipotentiary stated.