Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Donetsk People's Republic

Results of a group’s sitting on political issues in Minsk (August 3)

03 August 2016

3 August 2016 the sitting took place of a political group on conflict settlement in Donbass. The negotiations were attended by the DPR Acting Foreign minister Natalya Nikonorova. 

«Today’s round of negotiations was marked by new double standards of the Ukrainian representatives. Ukraine gives reasons to the absence of an official position on the agenda by the fact that it is not identified by the «Normandy Four» though the working groups were created with the exact aim of establishing and approving the projects and modalities for implementation within the framework of Minsk format. There is no alternative for it. It’s impossible to implement for example points 4, 9, 11 and 12 of the Package of measures in terms of approving with the representatives of Republics. 

Unfortunately as on today Ukraine has ignored all instructions of the Contact group and the OSCE coordinator: the official documents were not provided including the position on the main topic of the previous negotiations – on media participation at the election process. Alongside this, the Ukrainian representatives are in complete denial about the presence of approvals including those recorded by the Contact group arguing it by the absence of documents signed by the representatives of Ukraine. As the result today we have affirmed for another time that without recording the agreements on the results of each round and strict observance of regulations the work of a group is highly difficult. Current negotiators from Ukraine have no information on the process of the negotiating process – as for instance they deny the possibility of establishing the regulations for the work of groups though the regulations have been established and offered by the OSCE representatives in the Contact group. Despite all obstacles artificially created by the Ukrainian party, we will continue insisting on the direct dialogue, Kiev’s implementation of obligations taken during signing of the Package of measures and also on the approval and use of offered regulations for groups` work», - Natalya Nikonorova about the results of a group’s sitting on political issues. 

Next group’s sitting on political issues is to take place on 26 August.