Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Donetsk People's Republic

Results of a group’s sitting on political issues in Minsk (26 August)

26 August 2016

26 August 2016 the sitting took place of a political group on conflict settlement in Donbass. The talks were attended by the DPR Acting Foreign Minister Natalya Nikonorova.

«Today’s sitting was marked again by the absence of Ukraine’s position that referred to the Normandy format so that despite all statements on sovereignty and independence the representatives of Ukraine are waiting the position from France, Germany and Russia. In the course of a group’s work issues were touched of order, amnesty and Steinmeier formula. Ukraine’s negotiators believe that made all possible for implementation the point on amendments to the Constitution and at the same time without taking into account that the amendments are not coordinated with the Republic representatives and don’t follow the recommendations of Venice Commission. Unfortunately without order and fixation of reached agreements in groups – the work is sabotaged by Ukraine today even the group coordinator from the OSCE has mentioned that fact. It appears that Kiev expects new instructions from its «partners» and till them extends time. Our position remains clear – there is no alternative to Minsk format and Normandy format won’t be able to replace it. Negotiations are impossible without participation of the conflict parties. Despite the unwillingness of the Ukraine’s representatives to participate at the group’s work - this is the only possible way to implement Minsk agreements», - Natalya Nikonorova about the results of a group’s sitting on political issues. 

Next sitting of a group on political issues is to take place on 7 September.