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Donetsk People's Republic

The results of sitting of the group on political issues in Minsk (May 30)

30 May 2018
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On May 30, 2018 a sitting of the political group on the resolving of the conflict in Donbass took place in Minsk. The Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs of the DPR Natalia Nikonorova took part in negotiations.

"Only the second representative of Ukraine was present at today’s sitting of the group on political issues, that is why we were not expecting any results and constructive decisions today. In the course of discussion the Ukrainian party confirmed, that the Verkhovna Rada unilaterally submitted the modalities of local elections to the law on the special status of Donbass as a precondition for the law to come into force. These Kiev’s actions are a clear example of the violation of the Package of Measures, which requires consultations and agreements with representatives of the Republics. Stubbornly avoiding the issue of enacting the law on the Donbass special status, which is the only possible basis for a long-term conflict settlement, Kyiv's representatives prefer to soundly state about their wishes for the single legal system restoration.

With such disappointing results, we are once again approaching the expiration date of the formal action of a special status, to which there are less than five months. It's time for the Ukrainian authorities to understand that it is impossible to settle the conflict without the political will of all parties. A peaceful settlement can not be one-sided. Only by joint efforts to work on a compromise mechanism for the implementation of a special status and amnesty issue can turn the situation into a constructive way." - Natalia Nikonorova about the sitting of the group on political issues.