Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Donetsk People's Republic

The results of sitting of the group on political issues in Minsk (June 7)

07 June 2017

On June 7, 2017 a sitting of the political group on the resolving of the conflict in Donbass took place in Minsk. The Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs of the DPR Natalia Nikonorova took part in negotiations. 

"Summing up the results of the last few sittings in Minsk, we note another destructive tendency: due to Ukraine's position, a considerable amount of time is to be spent on topics discussions that are beyond agreed agenda. At today's sitting, we managed to minimize the discussion of the Ukraine’s proposals, which are beyond the working group competence. We have been insisting for more than two years on the main settlement basis - special status of Donbass, and at the Minsk negotiations it is necessary to start from the Package of Measures implementation.

Unfortunately, Ukraine’s representatives continue to consistently avoid constructive dialogue between Kiev and Donbass, and in particular – discuss mechanism for the entry into force of the Law on special status. Ukraine’s position on the impossibility of issues discussion in Minsk of Normandy format not only negates the importance of the political group, but also is a direct violation of the Package of Measures, since it can block the work of all groups.

We are still reminding our opponents that thousands lives of people on both sides depend on the Minsk negotiations, and we are working primarily on the implementation of the peaceful plan for the conflict settlement. In this connection, we hope that Ukrainian party will stop formally confirm its adherence to the Minsk agreements and will change its approach to negotiations on reasonable, conscientious and leading to peace, "- Natalia Nikonorova about the sitting of the group on political issues.