Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Donetsk People's Republic

Results of the sitting of the group on political issues (December 19)

20 December 2018
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The last sitting of a political group in Minsk in 2018 year summed up a disappointing result of the outgoing year. Due to the counterproductive position of the Ukrainian party, this year we have not managed to achieve significant changes in any political point of the Package of Measures. The most relevant and fundamental issue remains the compromise order of enactment of the law on Donbass special status.

Nevertheless, Ukraine’s representatives still every time find excuses to block the real discussion of this issue. At today's meeting, Kiev’s representatives again put forward the demand to change the agenda and introduce new issues that traditionally do not relate to the implementation of Minsk agreements. We strongly oppose the agenda changing, which was approved by the Contact Group more than two years ago and we insist on a substantive discussion of Steinmeier’s formula.

It should be also noted that at the sitting of the Contact Group, it was possible to agree on an additional meeting of the political group on January 16, 2019 year in order to intensify its work.

The DPR Plenipotentiary expressed the hope that next year it will be able to achieve positive results in the implementation of political issues, which is possible only if the Kiev’s negotiations sabotage is stopped and constructive work on the approved agenda is reached.