Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Donetsk People's Republic

Ukraine's flat refusal to work constructively on the political track

13 April 2021
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Kiev once again disrupted the discussion of issues on the political agenda, citing its unwillingness to engage in a dialogue with one of our public figures in connection with an alleged criminal case that is exclusively political in nature. However, on the Ukrainian side there is a person accused of espionage by the law enforcement agencies of the Donetsk People's Republic.

Thus, a criminal case was opened against Denis Viktorovich Kazanskiy under Article 321 "Espionage" of the Criminal Code of the DPR. Therefore, we cannot allow the continued presence of this citizen at the meeting of the profile group at a time when our representative of the public is constantly attacked by Kiev, and the meeting of the political group is completely sabotaged.

In view of this, we have announced three ways out of this situation:
- both sides will ignore all court proceedings, decisions and articles in order to work constructively and effectively at the negotiating table. At the same time, the meeting will be attended by representatives of the public from both sides;

- in the mirror order, the parties exclude two public representatives: Denis Kazanskiy and Maya Pirogova;

- both sides will continue to work in the format of exclusively official representatives of the parties, without involving the public and experts, in accordance with long-term practice.

Nevertheless, Kiev rejected all our proposals without a single clear argument. The excuses were absurd statements that internal conflicts can be resolved only with internationally recognized states, which does not correspond to either the world practice of conflict resolution or elementary common sense.

There are reasonable suspicions that Ukraine simply does not aim at a comprehensive political settlement of the conflict in accordance with the Minsk Agreements.

Natalia Mikhailova,
DPR representative in the Political Group