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Kiev admitted that Donbass conflict is exclusively intraukrainian

27 April 2021
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Today, the Ukrainian party sabotaged a political group meeting, using the tactics of blackmail: if our public representatives are present, Ukraine will leave the negotiation process. For our part, we continued to demonstrate the necessary flexibility and offer Kiev a choice of several ways out of the vicious circle in order to bring a real political settlement as soon as possible.

To achieve practical results, we were ready to compromise in a mirrored manner. The representatives of Ukraine, apparently, were given a clear order not to advance in the work of the political group and to delay the discussion as much as possible. After all, for two whole months, Ms. Pirogova was not a "stumbling block" for the representatives of Kiev, but even long before they did not join the negotiations, the discussion of our proposals on the Roadmap had already been blocked by Kiev for unreasonable and absurd reasons. Apparently, in the "threat" of unblocking the negotiation process, Ukrainian representatives are taking urgent measures to prevent a way out of the negotiation deadlock.

Nevertheless, we can also note a small positive moment in the position of the Ukrainian representative, related to the implementation of the Minsk agreements. Finally, the Ukrainian side found time to read the Package of Measures and confirmed the fact that the nature of Donbass conflict is exclusively internal Ukrainian, and did not dispute that the Minsk Agreements prescribe to negotiate with us as citizens of a once united country. We hope that tomorrow at the meeting of the Contact Group, the Ukrainian negotiators will not back down, but confirm their adherence to the documents of the Minsk package, in which the parties to the conflict and the real ways of its resolution are prescribed in black and white.


Natalia Mikhailova,

DPR representative in the political group