Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Donetsk People's Republic


28 September 2021
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In order to break the deadlock in the negotiation process on political issues, we have improved and sent the draft Roadmap to the OSCE for distribution to all negotiators. For reasons unknown to us, the Ukrainian side did not receive our document, and reduced its discussion to the theater of absurd.

The essence of our proposals is:

- not to link the coordination of issues related to the Measures to strengthen the ceasefire regime with the preparation of the draft Roadmap in view of the fact that this work has been very delayed, and the issues of stopping the shelling require an immediate solution;

- the second proposal provides for the adoption of a resolution on the approval of the Roadmap not only by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, but also by the People's Councils of the Republics, since the inhabitants of Donbass must democratically participate in the fateful decisions regarding our territories.

Nevertheless, the Ukrainian side decided from the very beginning to sabotage the meeting, not providing positions on any of our proposals, so today's meeting was held in a non-constructive manner.

Natalia Mikhailova,

DPR representative in the political group