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Donetsk People's Republic

The log jam has broken in the political group

25 August 2021
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At today's meeting of the group on political issues, the Ukrainian side, after a long blocking of work, agreed to start a discussion on the substance of the agenda and begin to define zones of agreement and disagreement in our and Ukrainian positions on the Roadmap. This approach allowed us to get closer to discussing the draft of this document. We hope that by the autumn anniversary of the Contact Group's "urgent assignment" we will be able to demonstrate the results of our joint work if the Ukrainian side continues to be open to dialogue.

At the same time, the implementation of the Roadmap in the legal field of Ukraine remains an acute issue, since this is possible only through the adoption of the Verkhovna Rada resolution. Unfortunately, the Ukrainian representatives cannot contribute to the practical implementation of the future joint document, as they themselves declare. This once again casts doubt on the negotiability and authority of the Ukrainian representatives.

Natalia Mikhailova,

DPR representative in the political group