Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Donetsk People's Republic

Statement of the representatives of the DPR and LPR in the group on political issues in the Minsk negotiations

16 March 2017

The logic of the Package of Measures for the Minsk Agreements implementation dictates to us a certain order of actions for their implementation. First, it is necessary to coordinate fully amendments to the Law of Ukraine on a special order of local self-government in the territory of the DonbassRepublics; it has been already adopted, but blocked by Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. It is necessary to agree on the mechanism for its entry into force, which has already been approved by the leaders of the “Normandy format” states. Special status includes: linguistic autonomy, the existence of the militia units established by local self-government bodies, special mechanism for appointing the heads of the prosecutor's offices and courts and special regime for economic activities and cross-border cooperation with the Russian Federation. Only on the basis of the special status of our territories, we are ready to consult and agree on the modalities of the elections, terms of amnesty and the prohibition of the prosecution of participants in the events in the Southeast of Ukraine, as prescribed by the Package of Measures.

Representatives of Ukraine talk about necessity to consider the issue of local elections modalities in Donbass and amnesty - we insist on the same, but solely on the basis of the Law on special status.

We are sure that the unblocking of the Law on local self-government in certain regions of the Donetsk and Lugansk regions and the consolidation of the permanent special status of the Republics in the constitution of Ukraine will give the opportunity to an effective consideration of all issues on the conflict settlement: the exchange of the detained persons in "all for all" format, regime of economic activity in the territory of the Republic, an amnesty, and ultimately - the holding of local elections in Donbass.

This is a constructive way of the conflict resolving, which is supported by international organizations, such as the UN, the OSCE, and is non-alternative variant for the diplomatic resolving of the conflict.

Representative of the DPR Natalia Nikonorova

Representative of the LPR Rodion Miroshnik