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Donetsk People's Republic

The results of the group on security issues (August 26)

26 August 2021
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As part of security issues discussion the OSCE Coordinator noted that the situation with regard to the observance of the ceasefire continues to deteriorate, which once again did not affect the "red lines" of the Ukrainian negotiators.

Thus, the number of ceasefire violations in August 2021 is several times higher than in August 2020. Despite this fact, the Ukrainian party is in every possible way delayed further discussion and approval of the draft addendum to the Measures for strengthen the ceasefire regime, concerning the activities of the Coordination mechanism.

At yesterday's meeting of the working group, the representative of Ukraine stated that their position on this issue has not changed and will not change (it means that they are not going to interact with Republics), and therefore they do not see the point in discussing the draft addition to the current version of Measures.

Republics’ representatives proposed today, within the framework of the Contact group, to agree on a draft of this important document in order to immediately stop the escalation that the Ukrainian armed formations create by shelling and sabotage activities.

In response to this request, Mr. Reznikov confirmed Ukraine's position and refused further discussions.

It is cynical that immediately after that the representative of Kiev began to “feed” the OSCE Coordinators with promises of conscientious work. Mr. Reznikov said so: "The Ukrainian delegation will conscientiously participate in the working group on security to achieve a positive effect - this I promise."

We would consider it correct to record this promise in the protocol so that the Ukrainian side does not forget about it the next day.