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Donetsk People's Republic

Kiev demonstrates the highest level of indifference to negotiations of Donbass conflict settlement

13 October 2021
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The Ukrainian party openly declined to work within the framework of today's Contact group meeting, which, accordingly, led to a lack of substantive results on all blocks of issues on the conflict settlement in Donbass:

Political issues. In line with the position long promoted by the Ukrainian side, the OSCE coordinator spoke about the fact that the issue of work on the Roadmap should be excluded from the current agenda, allegedly because it would unblock the work on a political settlement.
Such statements are absurd in their essence, and all the more unacceptable that such proposals are broadcast by the OSCE, whose representatives, in general, must adhere to the principles of impartiality, and not act to please the interests of one of the parties to the conflict. In order to deal with the crisis of a political settlement, it is necessary to understand the reasons for the failure to fulfill the instructions for agreeing on the Roadmap, and not just cancel it due to the fact that it has not been fulfilled.

Security issues. Representatives of Ukraine prefer to play in silence on the issue of agreeing on an addendum concerning the Coordination mechanism, thereby removing themselves from substantive work. At the same time, this position is supported by the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which systematically violate the ceasefire, which leads to civilian casualties and the destruction of infrastructure.
The Donetsk People's Republic insists that interaction, control and coordination should be carried out "on the ground" exclusively between the conflict parties. And Kiev's attempts to keep silent, to involve third parties in the Coordination mechanism is just an attempt to absolve itself of responsibility for committed violations of the ceasefire and future violations of the provisions of the supplement to the measures.

Humanitarian issues. Kiev sabotages the negotiation process due to its categorical unwillingness to legally complete the procedures of previous exchanges. To disrupt the negotiation process, Kiev uses Mrs. Tretiakova, known for her inhuman statements both to the people of Ukraine and to her colleagues in the Verkhovna Rada.

Also, a case with absentee convictions of Donbass public representatives acts as a tool for blocking the negotiation process on the part of Ukraine, which is a gross violation of the Minsk package documents, as well as human rights and freedoms in general. So, according to the Ukrainian media, following Maya Pirogova, another public representative of the Republic in a political group can expect a conviction in absentia.

Based on the general context of today's meeting, it becomes obvious that the Ukrainian delegation is not capable of working in a constructive manner, and the whole point of its stay at the talks is reduced to filling in the pauses between the reports of other delegations with ridiculous statements and discussions on near-philosophical topics.

Vladislav Moskovsky, press-secretary of the DPR delegation in the Contact Group