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Kiev is ready to everything to avoid a new meeting with Republic’s representatives

03 June 2021
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The Ukrainian authorities make the personal meetings of Contact group dependent on the issues, which are not correlated to the Minsk agreements.

Thus, the official speaker of the Ukrainian delegation voiced a new ultimatum: if the authorities of Belarus grant an access for Republic’s representatives to Protosevich, Lukashenko won’t be the mediator and the city of Minsk - a negotiation platform any more.

Taking into account this statement, we have some questions to the Ukrainian leadership: if the law enforcement service of Belarus refuses to the request of the DPR and LPR law enforcement services, will the meetings in Minsk resume? Or we, once again, contemplate the personal conjectures of a person acting as a PR specialist for the Ukrainian delegation in the media, who has no political influence at the level of Ukrainian leadership.

Mr. Protosevich has nothing to do with Minsk process. So, the precondition of Mr. Arestovich demonstrates the desire of Ukrainian authorities to prevent the resumption of personal meetings with Republic’s representatives in Minsk.

Because of such absurd statements, the Ukrainian party only aggravates the negotiation crisis, continues to sacrifice peace in Donbass in order to satisfy the interests of its Western partners.


Vladislav Moskovsky, press-secretary of the DPR delegation in the Contact Group