Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Donetsk People's Republic

Kiev does not consider the negotiation process as a way to achieve a comprehensive peace in Donbass

15 February 2021
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Recently, the Ukrainian media space has sharply increased the popularity of the "war party" rhetorics, the openly militaristic messages of the head of the Ukrainian delegation in the Contact Group are reflected in the statements of Mr. Arestovich.

In response to the constructive proposals of Republics to unblock and intensify the negotiation process, the Ukrainian side openly declares not only evasion of its obligations, but also a frank unwillingness to engage in dialogue with the Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republics. The phrase of the speaker of the Ukrainian delegation at Minsk negotiating platform stating that Ukraine "does not and will not enter" into a direct dialogue with the second party to the conflict – the Republics – is another confirmation of this.

As an excuse for the blatant failure of its negotiating strategy, in particular blocking the discussion of the Roadmap, Kiev's officials increasingly characterize the negotiation process as sluggish and inconclusive, blaming anyone but the main culprit in this – Ukraine itself. At the same time, representatives of this state are introducing theses about the upcoming active phase of hostilities into the information agenda, in which they, of course, position themselves as a "victim" in the eyes of the world community, which in fact completely contradicts the real situation.

So, in an attempt to justify the upcoming acts of aggression against the Donbass, Ukrainian leaders do not disdain to use the lowest terrorist methods: this morning at rush hour in the center of Gorlovka, an attempt was made on the commander of the DPR People's Militia battalion using explosives. Fortunately, no one died this time. Although, for all the time of the conflict, it should be obvious to the world community that Kiev is fighting viciously, surreptitiously, not only violating the obligations assumed in Minsk, but also neglecting any notions of humanity.

We would like to remind the Ukrainian representatives, including Mr. Kravchuk, who declared his commitment to the Minsk agreements at the meeting of the Security Council, that it was only through direct dialogue with representatives of the Republics that these agreements were concluded. In this regard, we once again call on Kiev not to engage in militaristic provocations in the media and diversions on the ground, but to start constructive, joint work with the Republics to coordinate and implement the Roadmap for the implementation of the Package of Measures. Otherwise, there is only one way out for Ukraine – to officially recognize its inability to implement the Minsk agreements.