Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Donetsk People's Republic

Another meeting was held without any positive developments on key issues

17 February 2021
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During the discussion of security issues, the DPR Plenipotentiary supported Ms. Grau's calls that Additional Measures to strengthen the ceasefire should be implemented not in words, but in deeds. To do this, we need to update these Measures, coordinate them in an updated version in terms of the work of the coordination mechanism and start their practical implementation.

Natalia Nikonorova drew the attention of the Mission to the need to develop new verification mechanisms for the victims of the armed aggression of the armed formations of Ukraine due to the fact that as part of the sanitary and epidemiological measures, the Mission imposed temporary internal restrictions on the visits of its members to medical institutions. At the same time, this mechanism should be in the legal field in order to ensure the confidentiality of the information received by the OSCE SMM. It is logical that the phone calls that the Mission currently practices cannot serve as a basis for providing personal data, the procedure for which is regulated by the relevant laws.

When considering the modalities of work within the framework of activities on the Krasnogorovka-Marinka gas pipeline, the representatives of the Republics called on Kiev to conscientiously fulfill its obligations in terms of the issue of carrying out repair and restoration work on the gas pipeline raised by them. For their implementation, we are waiting for a detailed plan from the Ukrainian side for carrying out activities on the Krasnogorovka-Marinka gas pipeline. Donetsk People's Republic is open to dialogue and insists that guarantees security is possible only in case be sure that the provocation of the end of January 2021, during which numerous defenders of the DPR were killed and injured, will not be repeated, as well as the facts of engineering arrangement on the adjacent positions of the AFU.

We will remind that earlier additional security guarantees for carrying out repair work on the number of infrastructural objects were agreed based on advanced DPR in JCCC conditions, such as the slum of phenolic plant (, Bakhmut Agrarian Union treatment facilities, where the relevant activities are still ongoing. This state of affairs gives every reason to believe that the issue of the reconstruction of the GDS has an exclusively political background.

The discussion of the block of humanitarian issues remains blocked by the Ukrainian side.

The OSCE coordinator, Mr. Frisch, had to appeal to the head of the Ukrainian delegation for assistance in intensifying Vladimir Zelensky's decision to pardon 11 people. It should be noted that the lack of positive progress in the negotiations on the new stages of the exchange of detained persons is a consequence of the unwillingness of the Ukrainian authorities to show political will by fulfilling their obligations under the procedural "cleaning", thus completing the previous exchanges.

Despite Mr. Kravchuk's assurances that he sent a written appeal to the President of Ukraine on the issue of completing the pardon procedure, we would like to once again draw his attention to the fact that procedural issues should be agreed with the representatives of the Republics, as the second party to the conflict, and not with Vladimir Zelensky.

In the part concerning the agenda of the economic group, the participants of the Contact Group considered the main items on the agenda, among which special attention was paid to the problems in the work of the SE "Water of Donbass" Company and the debt of Ukraine for social obligations.