Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Donetsk People's Republic


02 February 2021
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Negotiations on a political settlement are impossible if one of the parties in every possible way avoids considering the key agenda issues.

This is exactly the situation that happened at a regular meeting of the group on political issues, when the Ukrainian delegation, instead of constructively working on the draft Roadmap for resolving the Donbass conflict in accordance with the Minsk agreements, asked questions about "how many windows are connected to the meeting of the working group." The Ukrainian representative tried in every possible way to exclude Republic's representatives of the public from participating in the meeting, however, his aspirations did not have the support of the OSCE coordinator.

Throughout the entire negotiating process within the framework of the working group on political issues, Ukrainian negotiators demanded from the Russian Federation, which is not a party to the conflict, a draft Roadmap. At the same time, they still do not notice the project of the Republic, sent to them at the beginning of October last year (a month before their project).

In response to such demands from Mr. Kostin to the Russian delegation, our representatives had to repeatedly emphasize that the discussion of the draft Roadmap should go with representatives of the Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republics, and not with the Russian Federation, which, according to the Package of measures for implementation minsk agreements is not a party to the conflict.

Kiev's reluctance to express its commitment to the implementation of this document transformed to an aspiration to discuss issues that have nothing to do with the current agenda. Unfortunately, in the prejudice of the Contact Group order.


Once again, we urge Ukraine to familiarize itself with the draft Roadmap provided by the Republic. We also focus on the fact that the effectiveness of negotiations directly depends on the dialogue between the parties to the conflict, namely Ukraine and Donbass. Endless attempts to ignore the Republic and put forward demands on the mediator in the person of Russia will not lead to any constructive result, but will only delay and complicate the already difficult negotiation process.