Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Donetsk People's Republic


14 April 2021
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Today's Contact Group meeting was held with regular "bloomers" of the Ukrainian delegates. A return to the history of negotiations, attempts to philosophize about security in the region, raising procedural issues - this is not a complete list of the "actions" of the Ukrainian negotiators at today's meeting.

The situation on the humanitarian track deserves special attention. The issue with the operation of the Novotroitskoe checkpoint has already become anecdote. About it, the DPR Plenipotentiary Natalia Nikonorova told today.

The Novotroitskoe checkpoint operated from the Ukrainian side in an electoral mode: the passage is open for the civilians, and closed for humanitarian supplies due to the "unsafe operational environment". The whole comicality of the situation lies in the fact that, as in the well-known joke about "buy a goat": the closure of the checkpoint for humanitarian supplies was implemented by the Ukrainian side for the sole purpose of receiving a portion of praise from foreign partners and the OSCE when it reopened.

In addition, the Ukrainian side, apparently getting confused in procedural issues, which it always emphasizes, asked for help from the Plenipotentiary of the Russian Federation Boris Gryzlov regarding the procedure for coordinating documents in the legislative bodies. It was very strange to hear from the head of the Ukrainian delegation a cry for help to the "aggressor". However, Boris Gryzlov nevertheless shared his experience, which, we hope, will be reflected in further actions of the Ukrainian party.

We would like to note that the number of this kind of "fails" would grow if the Ukrainian delegation continues its attempts to turn the negotiation process into a plot for fiction, or even into a farce.

Vladislav Moskovsky, press-secretary of the DPR delegation in the Contact Group